The personality of an entrepreneur

I’ve been thinking about personality profiling, and whether people are born entrepreneurial, or if it something which they master out of desire. I feel like the answer is both, there are two distinct camps, yet the best results come from a combination.

It would appear that some people are born with a certain advantage; they wake up every day and fight for that deal or buzz. They’re high energy and charismatic. Salespeople on steroids. With a genuine hunger to grow whatever it is they have to offer.

In my experience, the mantra of such people is boom and bust, worth millions one minute, and not a penny the next. As a rule they seem to rise from the ashes time after time, bouncing back and do it all again, and usually, it seems to work out (if they’re wise enough).

Then you have the contrast, the ‘nerds’ of the entrepreneurial world; the ones who have learnt the skill, usually because a product inspired them to.

Although not strictly ‘naturals’ these characters tend to be a little more stable, they do more thinking before the leap, it may take longer, but it means that the bust isn’t as dramatic, and the boom more stable.

In my experience, these two personalities need each other, and the most successful teams have a combination of both. Look at any famous business person, chances are they have a strong group/team/person behind them. Look at who they thank.

It is vital to find people whose strengths play to your weaknesses and vice versa. If you fit more into one camp than the other, fill the gaps. Find people, even one person, who sees things differently. Who is more reserved, or more brave. Not necessarily a business partner, just someone to give a different perspective. ‘No man is an island’ and this is especially true in business.

Whatever the personality, I know that running a business is hard, and certainly not for everyone. But once you catch the bug it’s like a drug, the best high and the most devastating lows, but what really separates entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, is this one simple skill, the ability to move forward. To absorb the hits, brush off the mistakes and find the bloody positives, and generally, you are far better equipped to do this with a support network behind you.

Author: Hadleigh Winter